First as a lawyer, and then as HR Manager in the Industrial sector, Arnaud has overseen several company restructurings. This experience led him to specialize in individual and team coaching, helping managers find optimal positioning and assist their teams in the development of effective practices. In 2008, he created the company Discerto that, in addition to providing individual and team coaching, develops innovative support processes (Puissance RH, Art et Management...). Arnaud is a Co-Founder of Everswing, a firm specializing in resolving relationship and innovation issues within companies. He is also a coaching supervisor and teacher. An expert in the strategic systemic approach, Arnaud employs his skills to help his clients resolve relationship issues that are affecting motivation and performance. He teaches the systemic approach to changes to students enrolled in the master's degree in human resources at the Sorbonne, and also to relationship professionals. For 7 years, Arnaud taught coaching at the Académie du Coaching, for which he is also certified. He is currently a coaching supervisor.


Strategic Systemic Coaching: Institut Gregory Bateson / The Systemic Approach: Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz / Transactional Analysis Therapy: François Delivré / Certified Professional Coach: Académie du Coaching / Legal Profession Aptitude Certification: Paris Bar Association


Individual coaching Team coaching Team and Management Committee Coaching Community Coaching

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