Before becoming a coach for company directors, Nicolas founded two consulting and information systems companies that he led as Managing Director in the 1990s. After he sold the businesses, he joined an international marketing and consulting group in 2003 where he served as Operations Director.
An executive coach since 2006, today Nicolas provides support for business directors and employees, teaches the systemic approach at the university level (Paris 8, Ste. Ann, Paris Dauphine), and provides trainings and conferences for relationship-help professionals.


Nicolas holds a diploma of advanced studies (DEA) in History. A certified coach with a postgraduate certificate from Université Paris VIII, he is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), a certified European Supervisor Quality Award (ESQA) supervisor, and an authorized finance sector professional. Also an expert in the systemic approach (Centre Monceau and JA Malarewicz), Nicolas is trained in other approaches such as the human element, and is certified in the use of various tools (HRS Institute, TMP, Talents, and Egochange).


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