Etienne has been coaching for 10 years, and assists management teams in managing crises, developing their vision, strategy, and organization, in digitization, agile management, etc. He is a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Paris and holds a graduate degree in organizational sociology. During 8 years at Accenture, Etienne led operational teams working in change management, and led the steering committee during merger projects in the industrial and banking sectors. Etienne has also provided support for strategic projects at several companies: Accenture, ABB Robotics, Alstom, Allianz, Axa, Dexia, Club Med, Danone, Groupama, Mattel…


The Palo Alto Strategic Approach: Fabulous Systemic Learning / The Systemic Approach: Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz / Individual and Team Coaching and Conflict Transformation at L’Institut Européen Conflits Cultures Coopération / Institut d’étude politique de Paris


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