Gauthier began his HR career in the retail sector at the Leroy Merlin Group, where he developed his skills in relationship systems analysis. He then headed the research firm Qualimétrie, where he developed a number of qualitative processes for corporate customer experiences. A true authority on matching product characteristics with how they are adopted by consumers, Gauthier has honed his expertise in analyzing human behavior; this has made a positive contribution to his coaching career. New companies, business strategies, digitization... Gauthier helps directors and their teams advance towards new collective modes of functioning. He is also a contributor to the Groupe de Réflexion et d’Entraînement au Management des Entreprises (GERME), a reflection and training group for business managers.


Palo Alto Strategic Approach: CFIP Belgium / Certified “Agile Animator” / Individual and Team Coaching / HR & Communication: CIRFA


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