Marion began her career in the world of specialized distribution (DECATHLON-OXYLANE). She has used the skills she gleaned from the various managerial and operational positions that she has held in the areas of sales, marketing, procurement, and HR to help men and women develop their own talents. Since 2011, Marion has been coaching and co-developing managers and employees wishing to fully apply their talents to their careers or to a career transition. She supports them in their desire to develop professional efficacy, while contributing towards the development of a capitalist system that respects human beings. Marion regularly leads a group of managers/directors in the development of their managerial posture (GERME), and also leads a group of shareholders towards the understanding and ownership of their roles and postures within the company, and of the company’s values (IDKIDS). She is also engaged in various activities to further corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, as Director of the Union of National Social Security Funds (UCANSS), HR technical advisor for the Lille Chamber of Commerce and Industry, member of the Alliance Awards jury, and president of the corporate foundation of a private northern group dealing with CSR. /.../ Marion accompagna i suoi clienti in italiano o francese.


The Strategic Systemic Approach: Fabulous Systemic Learning / ICF Coaching Training: Coaching University of Milan) / Transactional Analysis: 101 / Systemic Co-Development Training: Frédéric Démarquet / Master 2 in Human Resources Management: Université Lille 1 / MBA, International Trade: Tamiu, Texas, USA


Individual coaching Team coaching Team and Management Committee Coaching

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