"When the solution is the problem."

Paul Watzlawick

Strategic Coaching
The goal of strategic coaching is to help the employee break out of a relationship impasse. By relationship impasse, we mean any situation where the employee no longer knows how to promote a successful work environment: two employees who fail to find the right level of communication to be able to work together, a manager who fails to rally his team around shared objectives, an employee who is no longer motivated to work, a person who gets lost in his work, a manager with difficulty in delegating, etc.

The specifics of strategic coaching are based on two fundamental pedestals:

- responsibility anthropology: we feel that everyone is as competent at failing as they are at succeeding. It is by empowering a person to solve their own problems that they re-discover the freedom to act, a freedom they thought they no longer had.

- relationship problem logic: developed from work at the Palo Alto school, our work process depends on a relationship diagnosis of the person's problem and on the strategic resolution actions arising from this diagnostic analysis.

How does it work?

When a person finds himself in a difficult work situation, he naturally employs solutions to solve the problem. This becomes a problem when the solutions put in place do not solve the problem. This why we believe that a problem is made up of solutions employed by someone to resolve a difficulty. These solutions are called “attempted solutions” and follow the three major logical approaches identified by the Palo Alto school: avoidance logic, control logic, and belief-confirmation logic.

The strategic problem-solving movement consists of diagnosing attempted solutions used by the client and then instructing the client to stop using them. This is why we ask our clients to perform tasks between meetings that will cause them to stop doing what they were doing to try to solve their problem. These tasks are as diverse as they are specific to each situation.

We want you to experience joy during your sessions