"We depend entirely on the recognition of our reality by others, who themselves require us to recognize theirs."

Paul Watzlawick

Associates Coaching session
You've chosen to advance in a business that you think is growing! You share common values, a common vision, yet...

There are increasingly more tense situations, leading to shortened exchanges and less cooperation. The difficulties increase between the "front office” team and the "back office", or development team. The business performance you dreamed of at first is altered and challenged... even worse, your own perceptions of the problems that crop up are not the same as those of your associates: some of them dramatize, others underestimate the problem... You can no longer meet the objectives which you set for yourself...

Do you want to recover the momentum and flow of your winning spirit? Try an Associates Coaching session! 

Everswing accompanies startups developing their businesses by improving the quality of their leaders' relationships!

What you could work on together:

- Better understand associates' relationship issues: what works for each person and what impact this privileged relationship has on the whole "team,"

- Learn to challenge each other more effectively in a permanent learning space,

- Strengthen your team of associates by working towards resolving relationship problems,

- Know how to construct contexts that promote innovation and speed in order to deal with unique constraints.

Don't wait for your clients to tell you to change! Be one step ahead of them by trying an Associates Coaching session!