"We believe that our basic principles on problem causes and solutions, and on permanence and change, can be useful and suitable for people problems in general."

J. Weakland

Community Coaching session
Community Coaching session refers to interventions for employees within the same group, regardless of hierarchy. These interventions are co-constructed together based on your needs: to provide support during a business transformation, to implement a new vision, to develop a leadership posture, to create an innovative spirit, to promote cooperation between businesses, to plan for tomorrow's market...

These can be for a group of managers or intrapreneurs, a women's association, a group project, employees working in the same area...  

In addition to the Community Coaching sessions co-constructed with you, we offer two types of specific coaching: DNAsquare and DNAmixity.  

"Identity is not defined once and for all; it is built and transformed throughout life."

Amin Maalouf

A DNAsquare day consists of bringing together employees from a common community to take them on an initiatory journey focusing on an individual or collective impasse. Over the course of the day, they explore how the impasse is important to them and to their environment, and address the implications that their commitment may have on the implementation of a change process.

How does it work?  

Beginning with metaphoric support (literary or cinematic story), the participants take part in an experience involving several steps:  

- they touch on the relationship impasse in which they find themselves,

- they work on the image that they see of themselves in this impasse,

- they are led to take responsibility for this problem,

- they discover the fears that they must overcome in order to change the relationship paradigm regarding this question,

- they make firm decisions to solve the impasse through an individual or collective commitment.

Through this journey, the participants will change their view of their ability to act to overcome the impasse in which they find themselves, and will hold the key to changing the situation. They will leave with a new solution to their problem.

"The self, before others, is infinitely responsible."

Emmanuel Lévinas

Organizations, pushed by legislation and innovation issues, wish to promote joint cooperation among their employees.

This cooperation could be a lever, not only to promote women's access to managerial positions, but also to help companies initiate creative processes that lead to improved performance compared to their competitors. 

This is why we propose a relationship development seminar on “otherness,” the starting point for a new managerial mode.

Our work is designed to create a relationship-change movement between men and women in the workplace. This specific coaching program for a mix of men and women aims to:

- allow employees to re-visit stereotypes and prejudices that may be harmful to men and women in upper management;

- encourage awareness of the consequences of certain behavior and decision-making by managers;

- develop a constructive assertiveness regarding each person's personality differences and complementarity;

- encourage mutual commitment through the co-writing and signing of a common charter.

The seminar allows participants to:

- discover new freedom in the understanding of otherness, free of actions and behavior that could prove to be limiting;

- experience richer creativity through male / female co-construction;

- identify their relationship mode with the opposite sex;

- discover a personal and manageable power in the acceptance of one's own richness and that of others;

- develop ease in relationships with the opposite sex, both with peers and with employees.