"The limits of my language are the limits of my own world."

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Team and Management Committee Coaching session
Does your team have a problem thinking outside of the box? Do your employees have problems working in profitable synergy? Is it difficult for them to be creative or to dare to innovate? Would you like to re-think your organization or work on your vision so that it is shared? Do you feel that team performance on a specific project is not good enough? Would you like your team to be more cohesive? Do you feel that communication is not clear between your employees, and that certain conflicts are hurting production?

The Team Coaching session is for you! 

Recommended for any group of members of an established hierarchy, the Team Coaching session is specially adapted for management committees.  

Indeed, it is never easy to get members of a management team to work towards the same goal, knowing that they each have a specific responsibility within their own department or business unit, their respective issues may be competing with those of the others, and the natural tendency is to preserve and defend one's own perimeter. Yet the management committee must not only share information, it must also be an environment for consultation and co-construction. A model of cooperation, it must inspire all teams in the organization.

Our interventions permit teams to:

- compare perceptions and to learn to address all issues: an environment where team members can have open discussions on constraints, dysfunctions, and successes to share...

- resolve relationship issues and end the “domino effect" or scapegoat phenomena: to go from "if it doesn't work, it's because of..." to "how could we fix this by working together? “

- to invent a means of cooperation that will pool energies and resources: simplify processes, engage synergies at the highest level of the organization, and thereby facilitate and permit cooperation at all levels,

- to co-develop new, complex situations, that is, to develop innovative solutions together that will facilitate the end of the crisis in an impasse situation.

In order to empower your team to achieve the performance you desire, we intervene on three levels:

- at a hierarchical level, with you, to prepare the seminar and allow you to begin to consider the different changes you would like to obtain,

- at the collective level, during working hours, allowing the team to regain a certain plasticity in their relationships, performance, and objectives,

- at the interpersonal level, to promote closer proximity between team members and to re-discover the right fit between protocol and teamwork.

Our coaching sessions are always entertaining and fun in order to facilitate a thorough job and true transformation.