"The MRI group holds that even the smallest change made inside a rigid system can start a chain reaction that ends up changing the whole system."

Paul Watzlawick

Individual Coaching session
There are times in one's professional life when motivation disappears, the dread of going to work increases, you feel like you are no longer in control of the situation, and you often feel helpless... yet you are doing everything in your power to break out of this impasse.

Don't wait to seek help through coaching. This may help you quickly solve a situation that seems hopeless. During an interview, the coach will help you see the actions and behaviors that are preventing you from having smooth relationships in your work environment. The coach will invite you to employ new relationship logic, better adapted to your environment and to the behavior of those with whom you interact. Finally, your coach will have you test new attitudes that may un-block the situation.

The Individual Coaching session is a method of relaxing your relationship modes without renouncing your personal values and those on which you could rely....differently.

You will be able to address all types of relationship impasses, such as:

- loss of self-confidence,

- loss of meaning,

- distancing one's self from inter-hierarchical relationships,

- distanciation des relations inter-hiérarchiques,

- etc.

You may experience these situations in diverse contexts such as:

- assuming a new post,

- making decisions, especially strategic ones

- various managerial situations (delegation, heading a project...),

- steering a management committee,

- etc.

To receive an individual coaching session consultation, you just need to book a meeting with a coach directly via this platform. Each coach's calendar is available online. You'll be invited to fill out a questionnaire prior to your first meeting. The meeting may take place via telephone, video call, or in-person at your coach's office.